"Soviet Archives"
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Most of the documents presented in this archive were discovered and secured by a known soviet dissident, Vladimir Bukovsky (Cambridge, England) back in Russia in 1992.  Bukovsky described his 1992 visit to Russia and a method he used to copy these documents (some with high-security clearance) in his book  "Moscow's Process" (published in Russian by "Russkaya Misl'" in 1996).   Bukovsky's book can be purchased  from this newspaper (e-mail  to Pensee.Russe@wanadoo.fr  for more information). An English version of Vladimir Bukovsky book to be called either "Judgment Day" or "Reckoning with Moscow"  will be published in 1999 by "Alfred Regnery (USA) and "John Murray" (UK) (both are already on the list of amazon.com).
A majority of  documents presented in collection of  "Soviet Archives" are documents  (of Politburo, of  the Secretariat of Communist Party, and others), they were sealed by Yeltsin: each for a period of 30 years from the date of origination.  According to our friends living in Russia, even the documents with expired secrecy clearance are not easily available to  the Russian citizens. We spent a lot of our free time to complete this enormous project and to post all these documents on the Internet because we believe that these "black" pages of  Soviet history should be in the public domain.

Documents of the "Soviet Archives" collection are divided between 9 main subject directories which have specific sub-directories and are listed in the chronological order. A selection of  documents to be included into each subject directory was done by Leonid Chernikhov.  For  more complete representation of the subject, some documents were included in one or even two subject directories. In such cases, cross-resferences are provided in [ ].

Web pages and Internet posting were done by Julia Zaks. Unfortunately,  some the posted documents have poor quality  resulting from poor quality of the originals scanned by V. Bukovsky in 1992 using old (1991 made) scanner. We tried our best to clean such documents, however, in some cases this was not  possible. Please also note is that because all original documents  were scanned saved as graphic files to preserve their authenticity, it is not possible to use an Adobe search engine within these PDF formatted documents.  Any suggestions, corrections (errors, including typos, etc.) and/or questions are welcome.

The foundation of this project has been laid by Vladimir Bukovsky. However, this is an open-ended, ongoing project.  If other people will be willing to provide their archives/documents to be included in this collection please contact web-masters.

Last Update: February 9, 1999
Web-Master, Julia Zaks  
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P.S. If your PC is not capable to properly display web  pages in Russian, please return to the English Main Menu and click on "English" versions. In the English subject directories only the document titles are displayed in English, but the  hyper-links are still leading to the same Russian documents displayed in PDF format (independent of the browser encryption ability).