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3.1 Dissidents, 1960-1969 
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Please note that English letters preceding the document numbers mean:
          "CT"  -  documents by Secretariat of Central Committee;
          "P"  -  protocols of  Politburo ;
          No. w/o preceding letter identify  documents from the   Central Committee ; 
          In English titles "CP" is  as abbreviation  used for any communist  party.
0006 April 26, 1963  CT68/22 KGB about saizdat's document "Art and Politics"
0007  January 5, 1966 CT132/11 SCC about completion of investigation of Sinyavski-Daniel case.
0008 February  16, 1966 No.346 KGB on Sinyavski-Daniel trial.
0009 February 17, 1966 P234/34  Denouncement of citizenship for Tarsis
0011 April 8, 1966 P238/132  Anti soviet publications in British press relative to Tarsis
0013 January 27, 1967 P32/5 Report KGB on their actions against people defending Sinyavski and Daniel.
0161 July31, 1967  No.1931-A  About samizdat publication of Sozhenitsyn's book "In first circle" (KGB plans to detain Yakir with this manuscript)
0015 August  31, 1967 No.2213-A About arrest of Bukovsky, Kuschev, and Khaustov on Puschlin Square.
0016 September 4, 1967 P1393  Politburo approves text for "Night Moscow" publication about  Bukovsky, Kuschev, Delone trial.
0162 November 14, 1967 Central Committee about Medvedev's book "Under Judgment of History"
0017 November 22, 1967 No.2840-A KGB about arrests of Ginzburg, Glanskoy, Dobrovolsky, Laschkova.
0018 November 25, 1967 Memo about anti-soviet group: Ginzburg, Glanskoy, Dobrovolsky, Laschkova.
0019 December 3, 1967 No.2949-A KGB about preparations to the court trial of Ginzburg, Glanskoy, Dobrovolsky, Laschkova.
0020 December 22, 1967 P63/122 Directions to various soviet ambassador in relation to Ginzburg, Glanskoy, Dobrovolsky, Laschkova court trial.
0164 January 26, 1968 No.181-A About results of Ginzburg, Glanskoy, Dobrovolsky, Laschkova trial.
0022 February 26, 1968 No.444-A About intention of Yakir, Litvinov, Bogoraz and others to send a letter to the meeting of CPs leaders in Budapest.
0025 April 15, 1968 P79/XI  Government reaction to protests related to arrests of  dissidents: Ginzburg, Glanskoy, Dobrovolsky, Laschkova. Suggestions: arrest Grigorenko, exile Esenin-Volpin to USA, expel Yakir and Litvinov from Moscow.
0026 April 15, 1968 P79/XII Politburo: denunciation of citizenship for Gabay and Marchenko.
0027 May 16, 1968  P81/XVI About Grigorenko's activities in relation to arrests of Ginzburg, Glanskoy, Dobrovolsky, Laschkova.
0028 June 10, 68 No.1342-A  About intention of Crimea tatars to appeal to UN (source - clandestine report on Grigorenko)..
0029 July 5, 1968 No.1547-A KGB about Marchenko's intentions to publish his book abroad.
0030 July 11, 1968 No.1372-A KGB about samizdat publishing and distribution of "Chronicles of Current Events" by Litvinov, Yakir, Gorbanevskya 
0032 July 29, 1968  No.1776- Arrest Marchenko and confiscation of letter about Czechoslovakia
0033 August 4, 1968 No.2095-A KGB about Medvedev's book "Under Judgment of History" and relations between Medvedev and Sakharov.
0034 September  4, 1968 Letter from A. Litvinov to Mikoyan in defense of  her  arrested grandson
0035 September  5, 1968 No.2102-A KGB about demonstration on Red Square protesting against invasion to Czechoslovakia (participants - Litvinov, Bogoraz, Fainberg, Dremluga, Delone, Babitsky, Baeva, Khorekhova, Rusakovsky); plans to exile Litvinov and Bogoraz.
0036 September 20, 1968 No.2205-A KGB about trail for   Litvinov, Bogoraz, Fainberg, Dremluga, Delone
0037 October 11, 1968  No.2371-A KGB about results of  Litvinov, Bogoraz, Fainberg, Dremluga, Delone trial
0038 January 14, 1969 P111 KGB about actions to provoke Sinyavsky to ask for pardon.
0039 April 16, 1969 No.887-A KGB about increased anti-soviet activities of general Grigorenko.
0163 August 4,  1969 No.1926-A About A. Kuznetsov defection in England. 
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