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 1. KPSS, Ideology and Politics 
1.3 Cultural events, science, economy 
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 Please note that English letters preceding the document numbers mean:
          "CT"  -  documents by Secretariat of Central Committee;
          "P"  -  protocols of  Politburo ;
          No. w/o preceding letter identify  documents from the Central Committee;
          In English titles "CP" is  as abbreviation  used for any communist  party.
1204 August 8,  66  About publication in US press "New directions in soviet economy".  * [1.1,  9.1] 
0557 August 23,  66 About award american "Atom for Peace" for academician Emelianov (recommendations to refuse).
0507 01-Oct-69 Soviet Honorary Doctorate degree for J. Jackson.   * [9.1] 
0599 07-Apr-70 No.892-A KGB about reaction of soviet writers on III Soviet Writers Union Conference.
0560 June 2,  70 No.1509-A Arrests of soviet and Russian citizens for illegal gold speculations.    * [2] 
0598 07-Sep-70 No.2431-A KGB about state of mind of Tvardovsky.
0553 January 18, 1972 CT26/2  About party efforts to increase political activities of laborers of  Minsk tractor factory.
0704  03-Mar-72  CT 33/8 About trade with Japan.    *[6]
0596 30-Nov-72 About wrong permission to publish article by Soloukhin in "Science and Life" magazine.
0595  14-Sep-73  About publication of verses by Dolmatovsky in "October" magazine.
0610  05-Feb-74 CT112/11 Exchange of  Kandinsky painting for Lenin's letter.
0710  29-Apr-76 CT7/2  About French-Soviet film.   *[6]
0594 08-Oct-76 No.2280-A KGB on the state of mind of Glazunov (artist).
0599-2 08-Dec-76 No.2772-A About Lisenko's archives. 
0735  16-Feb-77 Report on science and technology by employees of soviet embassy in FRG.  *[6]
0597 16-May-77  About Evtushenko's publication in "Youth" magazine.
0556  May 25, 1979  CT160/52  Permission for soviet aviation professionals to attend 33-d International Aviation exhibition in France.
0563 June 11, 1979  CT162/67 About increased consumer prices for soviet made cars, furniture, gold, fur.
0552 23-Aug-79 CT173/15 List Government and Party documents.
0558 January 4, 1980  CT191/12 About theft of wool during  manufacturing and distribution to retail.
0823  February 02, 1980 CT196/10 Decrease in cultural exchange with USA.   *[9.1] 
0562 October 3, 1980 CT231/25  About renting soviet fisherman ships to Canada.
0554  October 4, 1980 CT231/9 KGB, about export of minerals.
0559 October 24, 1980 CT233/8 About negative signs related to low income of white and blue collar workers.
0540 09-Dec-80 CT240/75 About financing soviet/international science cooperation.
0542 16-Dec-80 CT241/9 Negotiations between Soviet and American academy of science.
0729 20-Dec-80 CT242/76 Request of Australian socialistic party for payment of soviet debt.
0564 February 13, 1982 No.317-A Transfer of art exhibits from Moscow Kremlin to museums.
1034  February 17, 1981 CT250/9 About letters from people to the government related to lack of bread..
1035 February 17, 1981 CT250/10 About population complaining about shortage with cooking salt.
0430 September 23, 1982 Soviet financial aid to Poland: credits - $690 M, gift - $450 M, permission to delay payments 
- $1,790 M.     * [1.2,  9.3] 
1403 26-Jun-86 Transcript of Politburo meeting about congress of soviet writers.    * [4]
1411 15-Feb-91 Gorbachov's list of actions for 1990.   *[4]
Note: *  Document also included in section [No.]
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