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 1. KPSS, Ideology and Politics 
1.1  Ideology and Propaganda
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Please note that English letters preceding the document numbers mean:
          "CT"  -  documents by Secretariat of Politburo;
          "P"  -  protocols of  Politburo ;
          No. w/o preceding letter identify  documents from the Central Committee;
          In English titles "CP" is  as abbreviation  used for any communist  party.
0582 15- Feb- 65 CT111/11 Ideological assistance to CP of Sudan.
1204  08-Aug- 66 About publication in US press "New directions in soviet economy".   * [9.1]
1206 09-Sep-66  About increased anti-soviet propaganda in USA and Latin America.  * [9.1]
0510 24-Aug-73  CT88/1 Directions in propaganda relative to results of  Breghnev's visit to USA.
0204 September 10, 1976  Central Committee about Western anti-soviet propaganda against "illegal use of psychiatry for political purpose".      * [3.6]
0137  28-Dec-76 CT37/14  Report from Andropov about negative character in soviet youth behavior.  * [3]
0207 April 14, 78 Action plan to disclose anti-soviet propaganda about "illegal use of psychiatry for political purpose".   * [3.6]
0519 16-Mar-79 P147/8  New directions proposed by Breghnev in his speech during election campaign.
0940 31-Jul-79 CT169/18  About anti-soviet "zionist provocation" in Tel Aviv
0591  21-Aug-79  CT172/5 Actions proposed by Ukrainian ComParty against anti-soviet activities of nationalistic organizations abroad. 
0590 28-Aug-79 CT173/4  Additional actions proposed by Ukrainian ComParty against anti-soviet activities of nationalistic organizations abroad..
0523 08-Oct-79 CT179/34 New soviet propaganda in relation to militaristic politics spreading in Europe. 
0592 15-Oct-79 CT180/6 Soviet activities related to celebration of various national holidays in socialist countries.
0524 25-Oct-79  CT182/27 Preparations to Madrid summit. 
0327 March 13, 1980 P187/55  Activities to organize international opposition to US politics in Persian Gulf region.  *[9.1]
0952 29-May-80 CT213/39 Information and propaganda for Nicaragua. 
0532 09-Jun-80 CT214/74  Preparations of  meeting on the international politics for general secretaries of communist and socialist countries.
0331 08-Jul- 80 CT218/6 Information and propaganda about Iran.
0402 October  4, 1980 CT231/5  Propaganda in relation to situation in Poland.    * [9.3]
0545 16-Jan-8 CT246/49  About request of French communist party.  * [5]
0547 18-Feb-86 CT222/155  About iranian initiative.
0548 15-Jun-86 Instructors of marxism-leninism for Mozambique.
0599-3  30-Dec-86 CT34/6  Plan for ideological propaganda for Finland for 1987-89.
599-1 06-Oct-90 CT10/3 Admission of students from socialist and communist countries to Soviet Instutute of Ideological Science for 1990 - 1991.
Note:   *  Document also included in section [No.]
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