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 1. KPSS, Ideology and Politics
1.4  Internal Affairs 
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 Please note that English letters preceding the document numbers mean:
          "CT"  -  documents by Secretariat of Central Committee;
          "P"  -  protocols of  Politburo ;
          No. w/o preceding letter identify  documents from the Central Committee;
          In English titles "CP" is  as abbreviation  used for any communist  party.
0571 06-May-70 CT96/9 About selection of communists to KGB Boarder Patrol troops. * [2]
0609 28-Jul-71 CT123/30 Invitation to foreign communist party members, financial arrangements and services.
0567 15-Jan-74 CT109/100 New position in KGB leadership.
0610 05-Feb-74 CT112/11 About exchange of Kandinsky painting for facsimile of  Lenin's letter to Alexinsky dated 07-01-98.
1026  03-Jul-74 CT131/11 New position for Chief of Special Aviation Unit.  *  [2]
0569 02-Aug-74 CT138/2(?) New positions (3) for party members and creation of a Cabinet of Political Education in the KGB.
0566 27-Jan-75 CT158/47 About selection procedure in appointing party and komsomol members onto the leadership positions in KGB.   * [2]
0555 14-May-75 CT170/76 Report on party budget for 1974. 
0570 15-Feb-77 CT44/16 About selection procedure in appointing party and komsomol members onto the leadership positions in KGB (provided instructions for 50 people in 1977 relative to different geographical regions).      * [2]
0568  09-Apr-79 CT154/42 New KGB positions  in the Universities with foreign students.   * [2]
0572 10-Jul-79 CT166/54 Appointment of Army General to the Army Military Council.
0552 23-Aug-79 CT173/15  List of action items for Politburo and its secretaries (under control of Central Committee).
0565 23-Jan-80 CT195/6 Selection procedure in appointing party and komsomol members for employment in KGB.     * [2]
0573 12-Mar-80  CT201/10 Procedure for publication of  secrete "Information Bulletin for Central Committee".
1511 15-Apr-80  CT206/14 About new positions in the USSR sport committees (based on KGB report).  * [9.4] 
0533 23-Jun-80 Stenographic transcript of  Central Committee plenum.
0626 05-Sep-80 CT227/62 Financial award to Marsel Longe for donation of K.Marx documents.
0579 10-Feb-81 Request from ambassador to the US: A. Hammer's suggestion to make a gift to Brehgnev (Lenin's book) - soviets refuse.
0561 12-Jun-84 Discussions about rehabilitation of Molotov, Khrushchov, Stalin (Politburo).
0547-2 07-May-86 Decree about International Department at the Central Committee (prepearded per Gorbachev's request).
1407 30-May-90 P116 Preparations to Party Conference of Russian Federation.   * [4]
1411  15-Feb-91 List of documents having Gorbachev's request for specific actions in 1990.    * [4] 
Note: *Document also included in [ No. ]
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