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 Please note that English letters preceding the document numbers mean:
          "CT"  -  documents by Secretariat of Central Committee;
          "P"  -  protocols of  Politburo ;
          No. w/o preceding letter identify  documents from the Central Committee;
          In English titles "CP" is  as abbreviation  used for any communist  party.
1200  15-Aug-56  CT19/2  Draft letter to party organizations related to distribution of "America" magazine.    *[9.1]
0593 19-Jul-60 CT158/6 Actions directed against anti-soviet radio propaganda.
0500 20-Dec-61 P7/18 About subscription to "Worker", newspaper of US communist party.  *[9.1]
1205 27-Aug-66 About request of BBC for permission to film tele-program about life of one soviet family.      *[9.1]
0501 05-Sep-66 CT11/64 About soviet TASS correspondent in New York.   *[9.1]
0502 25-Oct-66 CT13/259 About Moscow correspondent of  "Worker",  newspaper of US communist party.        *[9.1] 
1208 06-Mar- 67 About permission to US television to broadcast soviet telefilm about Vietnam.     *[9.1]
0503 15-Apr-68  CT50/148 About debt liquidation for american firm, distributor of Soviet publications.      *[9.1]
0504 25-Dec-68 CT64/52  About Moscow correspondent of  "Daily World", newspaper of US communist party.        *[9.1]
0505 08-May-69 CT72/81 Assistance to Communist Party Publishing House in Israel.
0506 14-May-69  CT73/2  Assistance to Belgian Publishing House.
1212   05-Nov-69 No.2792-  About publishing new book by Svetlana Allilueva "Only one year", KGB.
1213 06-Jan-70 CT87/8 New TASS Ukranian radio broadcast center in New York .   *[9.1]
1020  February 2, 1970 No.265-A Increased control of imported parnography, KGB.  *[2]
0605 21-May-70 CT99/41 Financial aid to bookstore of Soviet publications per request of general communist party of Canada.     * [5]
0608 13-May-71 CT163  Financial aid to bookstore of Soviet publications per request of general communist party of Belgum.  *[5]
0586 27-Jan-72 CT28/11 New press center in New York  and Lima, Peru, for soviet "New Times" magazine.  *[9.1]
0512 02-Feb-75  Letter from Soviet ambassador to Sweden (request for payment for publishing 3 books about USSR). 
0584  05-May-76 CT7/82 Transfer of correspondent center from Congo to Angola, correspondent to be replaced by KGB agent.
0585 05-May-76  CT7/81  New correspondent center for newspaper "Komsomol Truth" in Austria, correspondent to be replaced by KGB agent.
0513 07-May-76 CT7/12 About symposium for soviet foreign correspondents.
0924 14-Dec-76 CT36/64  Radio translations to Iran.    * [7]
0514 09-Mar-77 CT47/12 About new anti-soviet movie made in FRG dedicated to dissidents and events in Czechoslovakia.   * [3] 
0515 30-May-78  CT109/4  Actions related to information and propaganda to 3rd world countries.
0518  03-Oct-78 CT127/9  Financial aid related to distribution of soviet literature (per request of Communist Party of Austria).      * [6] 
0587 19-Apr-79 CT155/86 Inclusion of Netherlands into the region covered by correspondents of soviet newspaper "Literary Gazette".
0521 29-May-79 CT160/5  Participation of soviet journalists in VIII International journalist congress in Finland.
0522  12-Jun-79 CT162/5  Actions to increase soviet influence and mass propaganda in 3rd world countries.
0588 10-Jul-79 CT166/12 Assistance to american TV company in filming documentary in USSR.     * [9.1]
0589 17-Jul-79 CT167/18 Assistance to american movie studio in filming soviet-american movie about disarmament. .  * [9.1]
0525 22-Jan-80 CT194/9 Action plan related to foreign correspondents in Moscow.
0323 January 29, 1980 CT195/59 Technical assistance to Afghanistan in construction of radio-station.. * [9.2]
0526 07-Feb-80 CT197/15 About soviet radio translations to USA from Cuba..  * [9.1]
0325 February 19, 1980 CT198/9 Assistance to DRA  to  improve of mass-information media.  * [9.2]
0946 13-Mar-80 CT202/15 Request by sandanista's for 600 tons of paper and photo supplies.
0574 03-Apr-80  CT205/31 Assistance to american movie studio in filming documentary series about soviet culture in relation to Olympic Games.      * [9.1, 9.4] 
0530 CT206/58 Assistance to Greek publisher.
0531 22-Apr-80 CT207/71 About invitation to general manager of  Moroccan information agency.
0575 13-May-80 CT210/57 New TASS agency in Zimbabwe, correspondent is replaced by KGB agent.
0576 13-Jun-80 CT215/50  About publishing business in Kampuchea, correspondent is replaced by KGB agent.
0581 01-Jul-80 CT217/10 Assistance to British TV in filming documentary.
0534 02-Sep-80 CT226/3 Actions to improve influence over Italian Communist party.     * [5]
0535 15-Oct-80 CT233/8 Providing newspaper suppies to Nicaragua. 
0333 October 22, 1980 CT233/67 Publication of article related  to anti-soviet actions of  Italian social  party.   * [5, 9.2]
0577 04-Dec-80 CT240/21 Permission to "News" agency to use computerized information data-bases.
0538 05-Dec-80 CT240/43 Requests from Cuba and Granada in relation radio translations on USA   * [9.1]
0541 09-Dec-80 CT240/82 Permission for cooperation between Soviet tele-radio agencies and "progressive" Italian TV and radio stations.  *  [6] 
1049 December 15, 1980 CT241/92 Special tele-documentary about chinese spies.    * [2]
0335 December 16, 1980 P241/8 Additional actions to assist NDPA in the ideological propaganda (Radio equipment, training.,etc.).  * [9.2]
0406  December 22, 1980 CT242/61 Secretariat of  Central Committee: Control over distribution of Polish press in the USSR.      * [9.3]
0578 23-Dec-80 CT242/18 Awards for employees of "Belorussia" publishing house.
0543 05-Jan-81 CT244/54 TASS work permission for citizen of England.
0544 06-Jan-81 CT244/79 New agency for "New Times" magazine in Central America while closing such in Peru.
0546 03-Feb-81 CT248/14 Cooperation with French movie studio.
0637 05-Jan-82 CT44/7 Request of US Communist party about liquidation of financial obligation for distribution of soviet books.    * [5, 9.1]
0408 January 15, 1982 CT246/17 Secretariat of  Central Committee: Establishing press-corps for soviet office "News" agency  in Poland  (Gdansk); apointment of the KGB person as its chief.       * [9.3]
0116 19-Apr-82 No.782-A About increased distribution of ideologically poisonous foreign video films.
0580 02-Nov-82 CT83/5 Additions to the current legal procedure for publication of official documents in central soviet press.
0732 14-Aug-86 CT19/17 Financial assistance to "progressive" Armenian press abroad.
0549 24-Dec-88 No.578 Supplies of newspaper for communist parties abroad.  * [5]
1042 03-Mar-89 P148/5  New correspondent center for "Komsomol Truth" newspaper in Canada, correspondent is replaced by KGB agent.
0550 06-Feb-90 CT10/1 Financial upport to correspondents from communist and socialists countries.
0551 22-Feb-90 CT112/116 Distribution in USSR periodical publications from communist and socialists countries.  * [4]
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