Don Alejandro Nalpak -- a wandering hidalgo

Don Alejandro Nalpak

-- apparently a Mexican or a Spaniard of unknown origin and with a passing knowledge of both Russian and English -- is a mysterious person, sort of a Flying Dutchman (or Wandering Jew, whichever you prefer), moving relentlessly all over the world... Don Alejandro Nalpak is rumored to used to be in his life a poet, a writer, a dissy, a physicist, a carpenter and construction worker, a street fighter, a sailor, an expedition bum, a railroad drifter; he piloted an airplane and did highdiving and skidiving, etc. It is difficult to substantiate any of these rumors, although somebody claimed that he met Nalpak and even emptied a bottle of Jamaician rum together, but these recallections are fuzzy, and could as well be ascribed to the Jamaician rum...

For whatever strange and unclear reasons, Nalpak posts his outlandish pulp only on info-russ, whenever he is in the right mood. Below are same of his passages.

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