If you want to have your name/address on the FizTech-abroad list, please send me at alexander.kaplan@jhu.edu your data. The data are: country of your current work or residence (e.g. (US)), and the dept. & year of graduation of your class (from the Master program, if you've been in one; otherwise from the Ph.D. program), e.g. (FAKU, 1947:-).

When submitting your request with your address/data/name, try to do it

in a VERY polite form and in

EXACTLY the SAME format as in the example below. Separately, indicate also please your diploma status (MS or Phd, BS or incomplete study).

FAST@pyl.unibe.ch (Swiss)             (FOPF, 1983) # Vladimir Fast
fedoseev@mfmcalas.univ-mrs.fr (France)(FAKI, 1973) # Alexandre Fedoseyev
HFIN@weizmann.weizmann.ac.il (Israel) (FFKE, 1991) # Gleb Finkelstein
alexander.kaplan@jhu.edu (US)     (Rad-Phys, 1961) # Alexander Kaplan
  or FizTech-kiddies (i.e. those who haven't graduated with MS degree)
F15BEL@DHHDESY3.bitnet  (Ger)         (FOPF,*1992) # Ivan Belyaev
grubsky@scf.usc.edu   (US)            (FOPF,*1995) # Victor Grubsky
zhigulin@caltech.edu     (US)         (FOPF,*2002) # Valentin Zhigulin

The very first list with less than 30 names on it was broadcasted by me in 1991. Currently I have about 900 names & addresses of FizTechs residing outside of Sovok on the list. I keep posting the updated list whenever I got it significantly replenished.

Be aware, please, that the main purpose of this list is to help FizTech alumni to locate each other. It must not be used for commercial or other purposes unauthorized by me. My voluntary effort has nothing to do with the administration of FizTech or any other of its official, associated or affiliated bodies, and I am under no obligation to include or not to include any name here. No demands of any nature or advices as to what else should be done by me, are accepted.

If you want me to remove your name from this list, send me a request.

Alex Kaplan (Class of 1961, Radio-Phys. Dept.) sasha@striky.ece.jhu.edu
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