FizTech-abroad List: brief information

FizTech-abroad List: brief information

maintained by Prof. Alexander Kaplan at Johns Hopkins University,

FizTech-abroad List is the list of FizTech alumni residing OUTSIDE of ex-USSR and accessible via e-mail.

You may view FizTech-abroad lists: either ALPHABETIC or CHRONOLOGIC

(I use the spelling "Fiz" intentionally, to stress the origin of the place, and "Tech" -- to make connection to "abroad":-). FizTech, of course, stands for Moscow Physico-Technical Institute, MPTI, at Dolgoprudnaya, (or Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, as an American practice would suggest).

This list is compiled and maintained by me. I update it on a regular basis; the very first list with less than 30 names on it was broadcasted by me in 1991. At this point, the list has about 900 names. Starting from July'96, I have TWO versions of the list: alphabetic and chronologic.

In the ALPHABETIC list, the last names are listed in alphabetic (latin) order. In the CHRONOLOGIC list the last names are listed by your MS graduation year (or PhD graduation, if you haven't done your MS study at FizTech); inside each year the last names are listed in alphabetic (latin) order. Aside from your name, the data provided in the lists are:

The "FizTech-kiddies", i. e. the fellas with BS degree or those who studied but haven't officially graduated from FizTech, it would be the year of the MS graduation of your class. In the list, both of these cases are indicated by an asteric (star, *) in front of your projected MS graduation year. This asteric is in no way to downgrade either any of the "kiddies" or the rest of you:-); any of you should consider yourself as an equal and lucky (or unlucky, depends on your viewpoint:-) member of this little community.

If you want to, you may ask me (in a very polite way) to put your own name on the list (if you aren't there), by following

subscription instructions here.

Please, be aware, that essentially, it is just a list of names, and not a "conference" nor a mail-list, nor anything like that.

If you have any info-needs you want to communicate to other people, you may want to know that beside running FizTech e-mail list, I am also running

INFO-RUSS network ;

you are welcome to subscribe. INFO-RUSS is NOT for an exclusive use by FizTech alumni (I have now about 1000 subscribers on INFO-RUSS while there are about 800 subscribers on FizTech list); however most of FizTechs-abroad are on INFO-RUSS. So, if you wish to address them, INFO-RUSS is as good info-vehicle for that as any. Of course, the subscription to INFO-RUSS is free.

The main purpose of this, FizTech-abroad list is to help FizTech alumni to locate each other. It must not be used for commercial or ANY other purposes unauthorized by me. My voluntary effort has nothing to do with the administration of FizTech or any other of its official or associated or affiliated bodies, and I am under no obligation to include or not to include any name here. No demands of any nature or advices as to what else must be done by me, are accepted.

"One important manifestation of the principle of free speech is that one who chooses to speak, may also decide what not to say" (Supreme Justice David Souter, Time, July 3, 1995, p.12)
Alex Kaplan
(Class of 1961, Radio-Phys. Dept.)
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