April 1 for all seasons Date: Mon, 6 Apr 92
From: lawc@marv.eng.uiowa.edu (Alejandro Nalpak)
To: info-russ@smarty.ece.jhu.edu
Subject:INFO-RUSS: US-RUSS news

From the keyboard of Alejandro Nalpak
Dear folks,

Russians, Jews, Russian Jews, Jewish Russians, and all plain Americans of any mold! By accident, I've got a hold on quite a few pieces of news which might be of interest to INFO-RUSS community. I intended to post them about a week ago, but combination of personal and technical reasons delayed me. I I hope, however, they would be still of interest to you, folks.

----My very best; stay tuned

Alejandro Nalpak

Date: Tue, 7 Apr 92
From: kelley@ll.mit.edu (Paul Kelley)
Subject: INFO-RUSS: nuclear weapons design contest

This to confirm some of the statements recently made to this newsgroup by Alejandro Nalpak and to add some further information.

In response to the massive nuclear threat posed by Iraq and Libya, it was recently announced by the US DOE that there will be a major nuclear weapons design contest between US and former Soviet scientists. The goal will be to further improve yield and compactness of devices. Because of the need for careful verification of yields, above ground testing will be resumed in the Pacific. This will involve the displacement of a small number of Pacific Islanders (approximately 20,000). Worldwide fallout on an annual basis will not exceed that from Chernobyl. The head of the US team will be Dr. L. Wood of LLNL; in order to put this program on a fast track, he has asked DOE to increase LLNL's budget by 50% and to decrease LANL's budget by a similar amount. There will be approximately ten shoot-offs per year with suitable prizes given to the winners, such as a job at the opposing team's laboratory. It is rumored that Professor E. Teller will be the US judge and that the CIS is seeking an appropriate judge from the Russian Academy.

Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1993
From: "S. Burkov"
To: info-russ@smarty.ece.jhu.edu
Subject:INFO-RUSS: Beating Swords into Plows

Beating Swords into Plows
Conversion of Russian Defence-Oriented Physics
Dr. Gleb Mudozvonov
V.I. Chapaev Nat. Lab., Muhosransk (formerly Sverdlovsk-69)

Many recently top secret laboratories are working on finding civilian applications to formerly military technologies. Projects range from colossal, 1km long, car-like 4-cylinder engine, powered by nuclear bomb explosions (the cylinders are 200m siloses in hard rock) to modest always warm toilet seats, powered by the heat from a nuclear reaction in radioactive isotops added to the plastic. The most promising discovery is reinforcement of latex by x-ray irradiation, the facility will be built near broken Chernobyl reactor, the cheapest source of x-rays. The technology allows use of 10 times thinner latex for manufacturing condoms, without losing strength and reliability.


from Anton Puchkov:
-Vasilij Ivanych, ty stakan vodki vipit mozhesh?
-Ty che, Petka, o chem rech
-A butylku?
-A vedro?
-I vedro mogu
-A bochku?
-Net, Petka, bochku tolko Lenin mozhet...

Date: Fri, Apr. 1 94
From: eed_waek@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu (Jay-Khu Nigruhk)
Subject: INFO-RUSS: new emigration quota, visas & taxes


To put a stop to the flood of the immigration-related fraud and abuse, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) is about to initiate on a trial basis a whistle-blower protection policy. All the resident aliens, visitors, and persons on a work-related visa are encouraged to report the cases of fraud and abuse among the applicants for the resident or refugee status to the INS: falsifying the records of birth and ethnic origin, political or religious persecution, making dishonest and deceptive statements, entering the sham marriages, and misrepresenting the scientific credentials.

According to the INS spokeswoman, Ms. Daz W. Sibeaz, a special telephone hotline will be established as soon as in May; special P.O. box will be made operational in June, with the e-mail connection to follow. As an encouragement, the whistle-blowers, whose identity will be kept strictly confidential, will be given preferential treatment when their own immigration cases come up for the INS consideration. A special immigration/refugee quota for the whistle- blowers will be established in 1994-95 financial year. Addressing the question of how the INS is going to separate the cases of genuine abuse from the false accusations, Ms. Sibeaz has stated that the special preference will be given to the information from the people who have had a prior experience in the supplying the authorities with valuable information in the country of their origin. In order to give more weight to their claims and thus get higher rating, the potential whistle-blowers are encouraged to supply the references regarding their similar activity in the past, including their rank and department, if professional. (In the case of cross-information, i. e. when two persons report on each other, the preference will be given to the one having the higher rank.)

The INS has decided to extend the status of "refugee" to the FSU persons only if they have demonstrated the real threat of any prosecution BEFORE Apr.15 1994. In a rear case of the intergovermental agencies collaboration the Internal Revenue Service has agreed to facilitate the problem of handling the rush of the late filing for the asylum by combining the asylum form for the applicants already in the US with 1040 tax form in a new 1040-FSU form. The form is easy to use and has special boxes to check, such as:

The new forms will be available from any local IRS offices prior to April 15.

Jay-Khu Nigruhk (with some contribution from Alejandro Nalpak)


Date: Sat, 1 Apr. 1995
From: J. Nigruhk & A. Nalpak


ATHENS, APRIL 1. (Reuters)

According to the spokesman for the Greek National Police, the Police is still trying to put together a coherent picture of the last week's bizarre death by decapitating of visiting Russian physicist Konstantin I. Vas'kin, 41, in Saloniki, where he worked in the Technical University.

Vas'kin, a graduate of one of the most prestigious Moscow colleges, had arrived in Greece in 1993 under the scientific exchange program, and, according to his colleagues, had largely kept to himself, being concerned exclusively with his work and attaining a permanent status in the West. His social life consisted mostly of communicating with the fellow expatriats via Internet. Vas'kin was known to join a number of Internet discussion groups set up by the FSU expatriates where he occasionally expressed his rather mundane views on a variety of topics.

Yet, according to co-workers, after the New Year 1995, they had noticed a sudden change in Vas'kin's behavior pattern. Around the first week of January, when the extent of the defeat dealt to the Russian Troops during their ill-conceived New-Year assault on Grozny, in Chechnya, had became fully known, Vas'kin had ceased being his former calm and introverted self. In an agitated mood he had roamed the corridors of the University, cursing the Chechens, Turks (which had found a welcome resonance among the Greeks), West in general, and the Jews (which finds a resonance anywhere).

From there on, Vas'kin had often been seen entering the Orthodox church, and, according to his neighbors had always stayed awake well into the nights, typing on his keyboard with maddening speed, and singing marching songs in his native language.

Having no other clues, police investigated the contents of Vas'kin's computer hard disk. While most of it was occupied by the disk-space consuming graphic files contains pornographic material, in the file "sent-mail" a number of Vas'kin's comments distributed over the Internet were found. Using a highly descriptive language, Vas'kin made comments about Chechens, Jews, Russian human rights activists, their mothers, etc. Among unretrieved messages in the "mailbox" file was one in an unknown code with repeated words "Jihad", "Allah Akbar!", and "Your Mamma!"

On March 23, Vas'kin's decapitated body had been found sitting in up-right position in the chair in front of the computer, which at a time was running a popular sex game program. A naked women in a lewd position on the CRT display, was moaning "Give me a Head!!!, Oh, Give me a Head!!!" It was this moaning that had prompted the neighbors to look into the window of Vas'kin's apartment only to discover a grisly scene.

Greek National Police continues investigation. A routine warning for the small Russian expatriate community in Saloniki had been issued, Vas'kin's surviving father, Ivan Kuz'mich Gurevich, is planning to attend his son's funeral on his scouting trip from Kostroma to Haifa.

The police is seeking opinion of leading computer security experts among Russian expatriat community. Some of them have suggested that a decapitating computer virus could have been originated and spreaded via Internet by obscure underground computer network known as info-russ. By request of Greek Government, Interpol issued a warrant for detaining and questioning of the coordinator of info-russ, whose identity remains unknown. Greek Government established an award of 30 000 drahmas leading to apprehension and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the crime. According to our sources, the network in question operates from the US soil; people having any relevant information are urged to contact local FBI offices.

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