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This is a brief information about INFO-RUSS e-mail list

This e-mail list run by me started on August 15'91 with about 40 addresses, and has now about 1200 addresses on its distribution list. It is intended to link people in a Russian-speaking or having related interests community outside of ex-Sovok (mostly, but not exclusively, refugees and emigrants) to each other, to be of info-help to them, and to serve as a medium for informal communication in that community in the US and worldwide. A user (who may not necessarily be a subscriber) can use INFO-RUSS for a relevant request, announcement, etc. Your message e-mailed to a certain address (see below) will be broadcasted to all the subscribers. If there are no special events, we have about 40 msgs/month (usually the traffic is much slower in the summer).

At this point, IR-list is moderated and edited by me. Both English and Russian languages are used. To transliterate Russian, we use English alphabet (skazhem, kak zdes'.) INFO-RUSS does not support KOI-8.

For the potential subscribers in the West who are looking for all kind of information related to travel, business and other needs in ex-USSR: Please be aware that this, info-russ list was developed by me MOSTLY for the needs of EMIGRANTS who came to the West FROM the ex-USSR, and NOT the other way around; thus, it is not best suited for the business/travel-in-the-ex-USSR needs. If these are your information needs, my recomendation to you is to subscribe to "Friends and Partners" mail-list, whose co-director is Mr. Cole, It has been developed having exactly this kind of info needs in mind.

Info-russ msg length: no longer than 2-3 kb (except for special occasions). Style: concise, friendly, no-nonsence. I try to keep the msg traffic as LOW as possible. This is NOT a discussion list (although occasional and humorous discussions are OK). Flame "wars" are strongly discouraged. The frequency of postings by the same subscriber is restricted to one posting in 30 days. This news-list should NOT be used for commercial purposes.

How does the INFO-RUSS list work? To broadcast your message send it to:

Your message will be put on a queue in my computer; I check the queue regularly and relay your message for the entire IR-list.

To subscribe (see details here) or unsubscribe,

send a msg to:

--Alex Kaplan, INFO-RUSS owner/coordinator
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