INFO-RUSS rules Dear friend,
Below are sort of rules and etiquette of this, IR-list. Look at them as Ten Commandments:-), live by them:-), and be a good fella. Pay attention to the rules 2, 4 and 10. Please take the rules seriously; I am trying to keep the msg traffic as LOW as possible. The rules are here to keep the IR-list useful, helpfull, and efficient.

I would advise you to refrain from posting anything for at least a week after you subscribed, and try meanwhile to establish direct contact with other people on the list, at least those whom you know personally.

--Alex Kaplan, INFO-RUSS owner/coordinator

  1. The purpose of IR-list: to link the community of refugees and emigrants from ex-Sov.Union (as well as other exSU-people residing or working outside of ex-Sovok) and to be of practical info-help to them. No commercial (or unrelated to this list main activities) use of this list is allowed. Since the number of subscribers has exceeded 1000, my bandwidth considerations became imperative, and some of the subjects, in particular visa/passport/taxes and travel/business-in-ex-USSR, have been dropped from info-russ.

  2. Replies to IR-msgs: send them DIRECTLY to the person who originated the msg you are replying to. Only if your reply can be useful to MANY people -- broadcast it to the list. Absolute minimum of discussions. No "ringing" reply-to-reply-to-reply...

  3. News: only VERY important (or funny:-) news should be broadcasted.

  4. The minimum time interval between subsequent postings by the same subscriber/account is one month, unless a posting is either invited or cleared by me. (This "silence interval" may be changed in the future).

  5. Msg length: <2-3 kbt (except for this coordinator:-). Absolutely so!!!

  6. Absolutely no flame "wars"!!! If you feel too strongly about something - unsubscribe and go to another list or START YOUR OWN. Don't lecture this coordinator how to run this list.

  7. Etiquette: be a disciplined, conscious, and friendly networker. Look at the IR-list as a club of friends, always willing to help each other. (By the same token, they expect the same from you:-). Feel free to use or repost info-russ postings as long as you acknowledge the source.

  8. "Official" languages: English and Russian. Transliteration : use the simplest, quasi-phonetic one: Naprimer, vot tak. INFO-RUSS does not support KOI-8. Humor: very desirable but relevant. Staraisya travit' odnako "in your native language". Na angliiskom tebya ne tak poimut.

  9. To BROADCAST your msg to the entire list, send it to

    You may use the same address to subscribe , complain, comment (or UNSUBSCRIBE).

  10. INFO-RUSS is moderated (and sometimes edited) by this coordinator, yet any subscriber is responsible for his/her own actions, style, or information. This owner/coordinator reserves his right NOT to broadcast any submitted posting whenever he deems it against the rules or unappropriate otherwise. If any of the rules is broken due to an honest mistake, the offender may receive a warning. If the offender keeps braking the rules, he/she may be disconnected from the IR-list without any further warnings. This coordinator also reserves his right to disconnect the offender without any warning or take any other appropriate action, if the violation is perceived by him as resulting from outrightly malicious or hostile intent.
    Flames and SPAM will not be tolerated nor forwarded to the list.
    If in doubt about your intended posting, clear it first with me.

"One important manifestation of the principle of free speech is that one who chooses to speak, may also decide what not to say" (Supreme Justice David Souter, Time, July 3, 1995, p.12)

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