Best wishes to INFO-RUSS subscribers

A msg to the subscribers by INFO-RUSS coordinator Alex Kaplan
(posted on August 22, 1996)

My dear subscribers,

INFO-RUSS started quite a while ago, on August 15'91. All of you have always tried hard to make INFO-RUSS our Internet home; as a result, a worldwide Internet community of refugees, emigres and other "departees" (:-) from the ex-USSR came into being. Our "native" subsciribers haven't been lost or neglected either; I hope they've got whatever is worth from INFO-RUSS; they greatly contribuited to it too.

INFO-RUSS has always been promoting sort of old-fashioned emigrant virtues: self-reliance, mutual help, hard work, tough resilience, high educational, research and technology aspirations, cultural preservation along with fast learning of the culture of our new countries (language incliding:-), help to families, help to the "beginners" and less luckier people in the community, help to those left behind in the old country, humanitarian help in general... You may've noticed that the word "help" figured prominently in this text; but then this is it: INFO-RUSS was and is a lot about help...

Not the least was the perpetual drive of INFO-RUSS against violations of human rights, in particular against the war by Russian government in Chechnya, against anti-semitism or any other "anti" in the ex-USSR (e. g. anti-"kavkasiatism" of Russian authorities), against any violation of the rights to emigrate... INFO-RUSS has always been very determined about supporting the emigration from ex-USSR of those who have no future in our "dear motherland" with her nice habits of

  "Rossiya vekami rydaet
   o detyah lubimyh svoih;
   ona samyh luchshih s'edaet -
   i plachet, pechalyas' o nih..."

And as far as immigration to our new countries, most of you always knew the simple and straight philosophy of it: Nobody begged you to come here; it was your own choice. Nobody owes you anything. Be grateful to your new country for letting you in. Be grateful for any good thing done for you by other people. No matter where your heart is, your home is here now; make the best of it. ("Home is less where your heart is than where you understand the sons-of-bitches", right?:-). All in all, you are doing well, my subscriber, keep going...

All right, folks, my best wishes to you.

Alex Kaplan, INFO-RUSS owner/coordinator 

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