A. E. Kaplan's other pics

Here are a few other pictures with me

"happy face" soon after arriving in the States, at MIT, 1979

at a conference ,

enjoing the company of Paul Kelley,

"fathers of nonlinear interface" -- Peter Smith, Alex Kaplan, and Jack Tomlinon, Ashville, 1980

the very first Intrn. Conference on Optical Bilstability, Ashville, NC, 1980

being a bit younger...

being VERY young (flying practice at FizTech, 1959, 4-th from the left) ...

in the office (2002),

between classes (2004),

Boris Zeldovich, Alex Kaplan, and Paul Kelley (2005)

Sharing a joke: Boris Zeldovich and Alex Kaplan

winter of 2005-06 in Fort McHenry

at home (2006)

at the docks near Chesapeake Bay (Spring'06) (1) and (2)

co-discoverers of "locksitons" (Sergey Volkov and Alex Kaplan, 2008)

in the office

At OSA Conference, 2008

A conference in Baden-Honig (Germany), May 2012.
A. Kaplan -- the last on the left; in front of him --
Marlan Scully, second raw behind him -- Wolgang Schleich

and my family:

my father at Russian-German front, Fall 1941

my dad, Efim, mom, Anna,
me -- on the left, and my brother, Semyon
in 1973

my brother Semyon (on the left) and me, in 1970

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